The Golden Compass

Director : Chris Weitz
Writers : Philip Pullman, Chris Weitz
Release : 7 December 2007
Cast : Nicole Kidman, Daniel Craig, Dakota Blue Richards, Ben Walker, Ian McKellen, Eva Green, Jim Carter, Tom Courtenay, Charlie Rowe, Clare Higgins

Lyra Belacqua (Dakota Blue Richards) is a young girl living in Jordan College, Oxford from another world, like our own, where everyone is accompanied by a demon, a physical representation of their soul in animal form. Lyra overhears a strange encounter between his uncle, Lord Asriel (Daniel Craig) and the College academics on the Jordan and some other worlds substance called dust. After that meeting, she wondered about the true nature of her college. How time flies around Oxford children begin to disappear from the hands of a group known as the Gobblers.

When Lyra's friend Roger (Ben Walker) is taken, she and her daemon Pantalaimon (Freddie Highmore votes) set off on an epic journey to find him. Before they can leave, the Master of Jordan College (Jack Berger) Lyra introduced to the beautiful Mrs. Coulter (Nicole Kidman). Lyra was immediately taken by Ms. Coulter and went to live with her. On the morning of departure of Lyra, The Master calls its urgency in his office and gives him a strange instrument called Alethiometer. He said that it is capable of telling the truth, but that it was for him to read it. It also pleads with her to keep the Alethiometer to itself.

After some time in the company of Ms. Coulter, Lyra discovers that Ms. Coulter was deeply involved with the offering of the General Council, which is the organization that has become known as the Gobblers. After the discovery of this information Lyra fled. She was picked up by the fierce but friendly Gyptian My wife Costa (Clare Higgins). Lyra travels with the Gyptians and became acquainted with John Faa (Jim Carter), Lord of the Gyptians and his adviser Farder Cordam (Tom Courtenay). Lyra also learns shocking truth that the Lord Asriel is really his father and that his mother is none other than Ms. Coulter. She also learns that Lord asriel was taken into captivity and which is kept in the kingdom to carry heavy Svalbard custody.

The Gyptians plan to send the best of their people north to Bolvangar, the rumor offering headquarters of the General Council, to save children caught. Lyra insists on accompanying Gyptians on their journey north in hopes of finding Roger and his father.

As they make their way, they meet the North queen witch Serafina Pekkala (Eva Green) and the general armored Bear, Iorek Byrnison (Nonso Anozie votes), who was exiled from his kingdom and provides services. They are also joined by the Texan aeronaut Lee Scoresby (Sam Elliot), which is also ready to assist in the battle. With their new allies, the Gyptians continue their journey to find stolen children. Lyra was captured by traders and taken to Bolvangar where children were detained. While there, she found Roger and learns the terrible truth of why they are all there. The General Council offering intended to separate children from their demons, breaking the link between the two to prevent children from the dust Lyra meet substance that had heard earlier.

Lyra and Roger begin to form a plan to help all children escape. With the help of Gyptians, witches, and Mr. Iorek Scoresby, children were able to escape. Although their journey could end here, and Roger Lyra continue convey to the land of Svalbard, in the realm of bears. They are accompanied by Mr. and Iorek Scoresby. The bear Iorek battles king and regains its rightful place as king of the door. Once this is accomplished Lyra found his father. Indeed, and it has exhausted and Roger have some much needed sleep. When she wakes up Lord Asriel is gone and he has taken Roger. With the help of Iorek she catches up to them, but it was too late. His father had used the incredible power caused by the separation of Roger and his demon to open a door into a new world and Roger is dead.